Nitin Gadkari: What goes through Nitin Gadkari’s mind and why he remembers Richard Nixon?

Mumbai: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari quoted former US President Richard Nixon as saying, ‘It is not over when a man loses, but he is over when he loses’. Therefore, no one should interfere in use and throw, Gadkari said. Days are good or bad, once you hold someone’s hand, hold on to it. Do not worship the rising sun. Gadkari said this in a meeting of industrialists. He said that human relations are the greatest strength for anyone in business, social work or politics. Let us tell you about Gadkari’s recent ouster from the Parliamentary Board. Now the political meaning of his statement is being brought out.

An open challenge to Modi’s leadership
Dr. who knows Maharashtra politics closely. NBT Online’s team from Suresh Mane tried to understand the political meaning of Gadkari’s statement. Mane said Gadkari’s statement was an open challenge to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. He said that Gadkari has repeatedly indicated that he is not going to give up. He is in a mood to challenge Modi’s leadership. Gadkari’s recent statement is part of that episode. We can say that Gadkari is giving an open challenge to the central leadership of BJP and Modi.

We spoke to veteran political journalist Sachin Parab on this issue. Parab said that Gadkari is considered as the most outspoken leader in Maharashtra politics. What they have to say, they speak their mind directly without any rebuttal. Parab said that Gadkari has struggled a lot to gain a foothold at the Center from Maharashtra politics. It is not hidden from anyone that it is not in harmony with the central leadership at present. Gadkari has spoken his words fearlessly before. This is his familiar style.

Cold war between Munde and Gadkari
Parab explains that after Pramod Mahajan in the BJP in Maharashtra, there was a bitter cold war between the late Gopinath Munde and Nitin Gadkari. In this the Munde camp often overruled Gadkari, but Gadkari continued his work. From Maharashtra BJP State President to BJP National President. It was also said at that time that a member of the Legislative Council should not be the National President. After that he proved it by winning the Lok Sabha elections. However, there is a big difference between then and now.

Parab said that Gadkari is saying these things not on the trust of the Sangh but on his own. He is a grassroots leader.He is sometimes seen riding a scooter in Nagpur and sometimes walking alone on the streets of Nagpur. This is their method. Perhaps he would have said the same thing. With his statement, Gadkari is trying to show that he is not a knee-jerk man.

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