Expect 20-30% India-Maldives Flight Cancellations, Says Blue Star Air Travel Director


A very serious rift has formed between India and Maldives after the Maldives Deputy minister and 2 other ministers mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India. This comes after PM Modi visited India’s very own island ‘The Lakshadweep’ and promoted tourism there. Triggered by which the Maldives Deputy Minister in the Youth Ministry Malsha Shareef, Miriyam Shiuna along with Abdulla Mahzoom Majid made derogatory remarks on social media.

Easemytrip has suspended all the flight bookings

When the Maldives government was informed about this, they brushed it off by saying that it is their opinion and it does not reflect the government’s views. However, Indians got angered and started to ban Maldives. Due to which all the three ministers were suspended. Thousands of Indians have cancelled there trips, plane tickets, hotel booking and the Maldives stock market has hit rock bottom. Moreover, Easemytrip has suspended all the flight bookings to Maldives.


Expect a 20 to 30% cancellations of the flight tickets.

Meanwhile, as the turmoil continues, Blue Star air Travel Service Director Madhav Oza has given a very important statement. He said that there are a total of 8 direct flights from India to Maldives and over 1,300 passengers fly each day to the neighbouring Island. However, due to the present situation we can expect a 20 to 30% cancellations of the flight tickets.

Lakshadweep flights fully booked till February 2024.

According to his statement the connections between India and Maldives had become better in the last few years. The tourism bloomed in Maldives especially after the Covid situation. There are three direct flights from Bombay to Maldives, one vistara, one Indigo and one Air India which sums to 500 passenger capacity. Let us also tell you that Indians have the most footfall in Maldives and this event is not favorable to Maldives. Indians are now turning their back to Maldives and going to Lakshadweep instead. Lakshadweep flights are now fully booked till mid of February 2024.