Ammonia Gas leaks in Chennai’s Ennore, 25 people rushed to hospital


A major incident has taken place in Chennai’s Ennore where several people have been hospitalised due to gas leak incident. On tuesday night, ammonia gas leaked at a fertilizer manufacturing unit and spread across the neighbourhood leading to suffocation and uneasiness among the residents. At least 25 people were rushed to nearby hospitals yesterday night.

The leak that took place at around 11:45 p.m. on 26 December was identified in the Sub-sea pipe of Coromandel International Limited. The most affected area is Periyar Kuppam, which is the nearest to the plant where the leak took place. People in that area reported discomfort in breathing, faintness and nausea.


Immediate measures were taken to stop the gas from leaking any further as reported by Tamil Nadu Environment and Forest Department. Reporting to ANI, the department said that the “ammonia gas leak was detected in a sub-sea pipe in Ennore. This was noticed and stoped. The production head said that the leak caused a very foul smell”.

Amir Alvi, who is the president of Coromandel International Limited gave out a statement which said “As part of routine operation, we recognised abnormality on 26/12/2023 around 20:30 hours in the ammonia unloading subsea pipeline located near storeside, outside the plan premises. Immediately after which, the Standard Operating Procedure was initiated bringing the situation under control as soon as possible.

After learning about the incident, nearby people started panicking and evacuated their homes. They all started to gather on roads so officials from the plant gave them nessasory assistance. When the situation got under control, Joint Commissioner Avadi, Vijay Kumar assured people that there were “no more gas leaks” followed by which people returned to their homes. Meanwhile, medical team along with police are in the area.