Twitter is now X! Elon Musk bids bye to blue bird, to be powered by AI technology

Twitter rebranded as X.

Elon Musk has given yet another surprise by rebranding Twitter as X. He unveiled the new logo on Monday as he replaced the iconic blue bird symbol that represented Twitter all along. Elon has a white x symbol inside a black background infornt of his Twitter profile name. This move come after Meta owned by Mark Zuckerberg introduced Threads. Threads is a social media platform like twitter which is connected with the users Instagram. Several billion people joined the brand new platform in just few hours of its launch.

However, he had already hinted that this would happen. In a tweet on Sunday, he said “And soon we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds”. Elon has long been taking about ‘everything app’ powered by AI. Now it seems like the process to replace the blue bird completely have started. has been added to Elon’s twitter bio and when clicked, it directs to twitter. Although, it’s a mystery what it has to offer, some details have surfaced the internet as to what new things it will feature.


Will be powered by AI technology

As per latest reports, the aim behind making of X is to give a makeover to the global social landscape. Moreover, Elon wants to leverage the potential of AI technology. X will potentially increase its offerings which will have audio, video, and messaging services. Moreover, it will come with banking and payment services just like WeChat. As per a tweet by Yaccarino’s, the main vision of X is to create a global marketplace encompassing ideas, goods, services, and opportunities.

Elon Musk has used the letter X everywhere including buying back in 1999. He is the CEO and Founder of SpaceX which is a spacecraft manufacturing company. Furthermore, he has also introduced Tesla X model in 2015 and this was teslas first new signature X model. Surprisingly, it doesn’t end here because Elon Musk named his son as “X Æ A-12” which also includes the letter X. However, it is just a matter of time to know what exactly X will be like and what features it’ll come with.