Twitter paid verification relaunching can be postponed again? Know wait time

Twitter Blue Subscription People may have to wait a little longer for service. new owner of twitter Elon Musk Had announced the relaunch date of the new Blue subscription service by tweeting. The service will be relaunched on Friday i.e. December 2. Earlier the company was about to launch it on 29 November. However, the relaunch was postponed due to some reasons. Now once again Musk can pursue its launching. Come, let’s know in detail.

Will have to wait for Twitter Blue Subscription!

According to recent reports from The Verge and Platformer, Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk plans to postpone the relaunch of the new Blue subscription service yet again to avoid Apple’s 30 percent App Store fee. No information about the new launch date has been given in the report. At present, Twitter or Elon Musk has not even announced it officially.

service changes

According to Platformer’s report, Twitter employees have been told that there will be other changes to the Blue subscription service, which includes increasing the fee from $7.99 to $8.

Let us tell you that soon after buying Twitter, Musk took many big decisions, including a new Twitter Blue subscription service. Now users will have to pay around $8 per month under the Blue subscription service to get a verified blue tick for their Twitter account.

As soon as this service was launched, the number of fake accounts had increased and any account could get blue tick. To stop this, Musk immediately removed the sign up option given for the Twitter Blue Subscription service.

After this the service was to be launched on 29 November, but then the date was further extended to 2 December. Now once its relaunch date can go ahead.

Ongoing tension between Musk and Apple

Over the past few days, Musk has publicly criticized the iPhone maker for its strict App Store policy and questioned the company why it stopped advertising on Twitter. Musk also claimed that Apple’s decision to impose App Store fees and not advertise on Twitter shows that the company is against free speech.

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