Meerut leopard: Leopard spotted again in Meerut residential area, people huddled in houses, atmosphere of fear, watch video

Meerut: In Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, there is now panic among the public following the sighting of a tiger in several police station limits. First in Modipuram, then in TP Nagar, then in Cantt Army area, and now in Meerut, information about the leopard has forced people to confine themselves to their homes as soon as the day ends.

Where do so many tigers come from?

A leopard has been caught on camera in Kirti Palace Colony in Meerut’s Thana Medical Area, creating an atmosphere of fear among local residents. Now the public seems to be saying where so many tigers are coming from the city to the countryside.

The forest department team started the search

After receiving information about the leopard, the team reached the spot and started trying to find the leopard. At the same time the DFO and his team reached the spot. All the places where the tiger is suspected to have gone are being checked. Along with this, houses that fall on the road where the cameras are installed are also being monitored.

The forest department is constantly checking

Do you know why the tiger is coming to town?
Meerut DFO said forests are slowly dying. Along with this, sugarcane cultivation is being cut down and under such conditions tigers are moving from village to city. Not only this, their population is also increasing. There is a reason that dogs and the like hunt animals in the city to fill their bellies easily. Somewhere they hide in desolate areas or forests close to the city. At night they hunt again.

DFO’s appeal to the public
The DFO urged the public not to go alone. The leopard does not attack directly at first, moving away from the sound of the man’s approach. If you see a tiger, inform the police or the forest department and inform the locals.

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