Three teachers fought with each other, pushed children aside in middle school in Hamirpur

At a middle school in Hamirpur, three teachers got in a fight with each other. The fight between the three continued for about 45 minutes. Meanwhile, the school children tried to drive all three out, but the three teachers pushed the children away and continued to fight.

This fight is known for making a video on the phone loudly. This video of the assault is known to have been dated October 2nd. This case is about a girls’ high school in the village of Kurara in Hamirpur. All three teachers were suspended after the matter was revealed.

The program took place on the 2nd of October.

Preeti Nigam is placed as the school’s principal. Nahid Hashmi is placed as an assistant teacher and Pushpalata Pandey as hostess. On October 2nd, Gandhi Jayanti’s program was being held at the school. The children were doing a dance and singing program. There were about 50-60 children in the school. Nahid Hashmi, a teaching assistant, was seated at the venue. Then the headmaster Preeti came there.

watching them fight

He told the children to go outside. Preeti said the flag must be raised on time. Nahid Hashmi started yelling at Preeti. Children are also prohibited from going out. A quarrel began between the two. Soon the two got into a brawl. Some children who were sitting in the classroom ran outside. At the same time, some began to get rid of both.

The teacher got angry while making the video.

After seeing the fight, Pushpalata Pandei, who was nearby, started making videos of the two. This made Pretty angry with Pushpalata. She approached him and started stealing his wallet. She requested the video be removed. After that, even between them, a fight began. Meanwhile, Tricolor was lying on the ground in the classroom, but no one stood up.

In this case, the basic education officer, Kalpana Jaiswal, took strict action against the teacher who made the video, including the two teachers. All three teachers were suspended. An order has been issued to investigate this matter.

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