United States reports first case of locally acquired Malaria in last 20 years

First case of locally acquired Malaria case in US. Photo Credit: Google

United States: One of the most concerning diseases malaria has been reported in United States. 3 people have been detected with the disease in the US. As per reports, none of the three travel abroad in the recent days. This has alerted the health care officials of US. One of the two persons lives in Texas whereas other two are from Florida. This is the first time, in the last 20 years, that the locally acquired Malaria has been found in the citizens of United States.

Whenever, a case of Malaria is found, it is noticed that the infected people had travelled outside the country. However, this time none of the three have travelled anywhere, which is quite alarming. These cases have created a fear among people over local transmission. Local transmission basically means that local mosquitoes are the reason for the spread of the disease. It is being suspected that cases of the disease may increase in the future. Estelle Martin who is an entomologist at the University of Florida said that “It’s always worrisome that you have local transmission in an area,”. He does research on mosquito-borne diseases.


Spread of Malaria

The spread of Malaria is through female Anopheles Mosquito which carries the parasite that causes malaria. The parasite carrying mosquito then bites a person and injects the parasite into the bloodstream of the person. Then the person gets infected with the disease and when another mosquito bites him it carries the parasite. This process keeps continuing. However, the Malaria causing parasit does not affect the mosquitoes in any form.

According to the CDC, these are some symptoms of malaria. Fever, nausea, shaking, muscle aches, chills, headache, vomiting, diarrhea and tiredness. Malaria will become life-threatening if it is not recognized and treated. United States had already eliminated the disease in 1950s. However, the number of the Anopheles mosquitoes is still high in the country. They usually get the parasite from travelers who visited any foreign country and then spread the disease.