Turkey earthquake: Number of deaths crosses 45,000

Turkey earthquake
Turkey earthquake

Turkey earthquake and subsequent powerful tremors that hit last month injured atleast 108,000 and death toll has risen to more than 45,000. Meanwhile, lakhs of people were left homeless and had to look for tents for shelter.

On Wednesday, the total number of deaths were counted to 45,089 and 51,000 if included those of Syria.

President Tayyip Erdogan has assured the people that homes will be reconstructed within a year. However, it will take a long time for the people who are right now under tents or container housing, and daily queues for food, to move into permanent housing.

He is scheduled to give speech to his ruling AK party Deputy is at 090 GMT. There are two main topics on which he is set to speak. One, the quake and two the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Moreover, due to more than 11,000 aftershocks that happened after initial quake, 160,000 Turkish buildings which had atleast 520,000 apartments collapsed or were severely damaged in the disaster.

AFAD said it has arranged more than 350,000 tents, with tent cities established at 332 places. All the possible efforts are being made.

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