Rahul Gandhi supports BJP government’s stance on Russia Ukraine war!

Rahul Gandhi at Stanford University Campus, California. Photo Credit:Twitter

Washington: Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi is right now in The United States where he recently addressed students of Stanford University Campus which is located in California. In the speech, for the first time, he backed India rather than insult it. He praised the Indian government over its stand on the Russia Ukraine war and said that democratic world had failed to come up with a vision to counter the non democratic vision of China. Moreover, he also shared his desire for a new system of Production and Manufacturing that would benefit both India and the United States. A system where both the countries can work together.

Rahul Gandhi supports BJP government’s stance

“India’s relationship with Russia has been controversial since the war in Ukraine began. How would Congress handle this relationship?”. This was the question asked to Rahul Gandh. To which he replied “I don’t know if you’ll like my answer but i think similar to how BJP has”. Congress would be responding in a similar way as that of BJP said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Further, he said that Congress’ policy would broadly be similar. This statement from him has stunned everyone.

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Rahul Gandhi on India-Russia relationship

Moreover, Rahul Gandhi said that his International engagements have no intention to seek support from others in India’s internal political battles. This has for long time been Bharatiya Janata Party’s claim and a key criticism directed towards him. He said “our fight is our fight”. In the speech that happened on Wednesday evening, he talked about India and Russia’s relationship and said that “we have certain dependency on Russia. So I would have a very similar stand as the Government of India. At the end of the day, we have to also look out for our interest.”

He further explained that India is a very large country and it is difficult for the country to have no relation with particular set of people. He said, “We will have better relations with few countries where as evolving relations with few others. That balance is there. But to say that India won’t have a relationship with this set of people is difficult for India to do.” He is on a 6 day visit to the United States.