Putin gives full power to Russian force while Wagner Group vows to destroy Russian military leaders

Wagner Group in Russia to attack Russian force. Photo Credit: Twitter

Moscow: An internal war has started in Russia after the Wagner Group which is a private military company has come to the roads. The Wagner Group which is owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin has decided to destroy its own President Vladimir Putin. Armor vehicles have been marching in Russia from the past few hours. The troops’ leader has claimed that he is angry over the fact that the Russian military attacked his group. And this is his retaliation over the attack. Meanwhile, Putin is not willing to tolerate this by the Mercenary group leader.

Yevgeny Prigozhin stated that his troops have entered the Russian city of Rostov and shot down a military helicopter. Followed by which, Putin has sent Tanks and Troops in the country. He has also ordered the Russian military to arrest the Wagner chief for armed rebellion against the military leadership. The Russian FSB has opened a criminal probe against Yevgeny Prigozhin. Moreover, Putin has tightened the security in the country. The troops are now heading towards Moscow and Putin has given full power to the Russian force which also includes Air Force to bomb and Combat the country’s betrayers the Wagner Group.


This is TREASON says Putin

The Russian president addressed the nation amid the situation and said that “this is a stab in the back to everyone in Russia, this is TREASON” . He said that this is a dangerous situation for the citizens of the nation. “This is a stab in the back of our country as well as our people” he stated. Meanwhile, several citizens who are supporters of Putin have come up against the Wagners. The troops have now full control over the city of Rostov located near Moscow. People of the city have started to confront the Wagner personnels.

However, Putin has allegedly fled out of Moscow which is not yet a confirmed news. Latest reports suggest that PMC Wagner fighters blew up an oil base in Voronezh. Sirens have started sounding in the Zheldor district of Voronezh. Further, the Army special forces have been deployed on a bridge(M2 highway) near Serpukhov in the Moscow region. The Wagners are on the way to Moscow on M4 highway