Pakistan International Airlines’ new order says “wear appropriate undergarments” to flight attendants

Pakistan International Airlines has sent an guidance among the crew instructing flight attendants to dress appropriately, including wearing appropriate undergarments, Pakistani media reported. The poor attire of the cabin crew leaves a bad impression and creates a negative image of the airline, the memo says as quoted by Geo TV, which also went on and called the ‘undergarment’ memo weird.

GeoTV said, “We are very concerned because some flight attendants tend to wear casual clothes when traveling between cities, staying at hotels, and for various business trips. It shows a negative image not only of individuals but also of the organization.”

Cabin attendants must dress appropriately in formal plain clothes over “suitable undergarments”. Clothing should also conform to Pakistan’s culture and national morals, the guidelines said.

Pakistani media reported that Pakistan’s Aviation and Railroad Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique had a meeting with PIA officials to improve the service of the state-owned airline. The minister has directed that the in-flight entertainment system for passengers be put into operation as soon as possible.

Cabin crews, on the other hand, are protesting the overtime hours, and the International Federation of Transport Workers recently wrote a letter to PIA CEO Aamir Hayat about the matter.

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