Pakistan got F-16 from US, now US referred PoK as ‘Azad Kashmir’, is US-Pakistan relation getting good

WashingtonUS Ambassador to Islamabad Donald Blom’s tweet questioned the relationship between India and the US. Blom recently visited Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). After returning from the tour, he addressed PoK as Azad Kashmir. It is part of Kashmir in India. His tweet has created quite a stir. America has not yet taken a side on Kashmir. But now there is concern about the position of the United States in this regard.

Turning to Kashmir
America has always said that the Kashmir issue can only be resolved through bilateral talks. But now he has started a new discussion by referring to Azad Kashmir. This tweet came at a time when Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa was on a tour of the United States. The US aid to Pakistan to upgrade the F-16 was not even noticed by this tweet. The way US President Joe Biden’s administration has been behaving over the past few days seems to be aimed at appeasing Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and his government.

Is this the real reason?
America does not want Imran Khan to return to power after losing power in April. The ‘Cypher’ mentioned earlier by Imran Khan is currently believed to be in the custody of Pakistan Army in Rawalpindi. But India is closely monitoring the tension between Pakistan and the US. Senior officials in the Indian government believe that ties between the US and Pakistan are on the rise again. India’s neighbor has always had a habit of taking a ‘U’ turn on big issues. Is it harboring al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri or is it short-term gain with China and the US?

Why is Pakistan getting closer to America?
Foreign policy experts believe that the relationship between the US and Pakistan has always depended on arms sales. America will always be needed for Pakistan’s arms maintenance. Meanwhile, if India buys any military hardware from the US, it insists on transfer of technology. Experts also believe that Pakistan needs US help for loans from the International Monetary Fund.

With this, he can not only pay off China’s debt, but also save the life of the economy. The relationship between US and Pakistan will get stronger in the coming days. Defense aid from America reached Pakistan at a time when Pakistan needed it the most. Currently, India is looking forward to this whole development.

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