Pakistan Former PM Imran Khan reached his Lahore residence today, was granted bail

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan had a very hard time recently as he was arrested and feared for his life. Imran Khan has reached his Lahore residence in Zaman Park after 2 days of detention as per Geo news. He was greeted by his supporters and was welcomed back on Saturday morning. This has brought huge relief to Imran Khan. He had previously said that his life was in danger.

The court on 11 May declared that Imran Khan’s arrest was illegal and granted him bail. However, he was made to wait at the premises of the IHC for a long time before leaving for Lahore. During his time at the court, he had said that he did not go to washroom for the last 24 hours as he believe he will be given and injection which will kill a person slowly and he is afraid that something like that might happen with him as well.

Imran Khan was arrested over corruption charges earlier this week which resulted in violent clashes where many officials as well as protesters got injured. The Islamabad High Court has granted him two weeks of bail period where he will be offered protection from any arrests over any case until Monday. The court ordered authorities not to arrest Khan till may 17 in any new case.