Pakistan Court orders non-bailable arrest warrant against Imran Khan, will he be arrested?


Pakistan: In a shocking development, a Pakistan court has issued a non-bailable arrest warrant against the country’s ex Prime Minister Imran Khan in link to the old Toshakhana case. The case involves allegations of corruption and misuse of public funds, due to which he has been under investigation for some time.

As per reports, the court ordered Khan’s arrest after he repeatedly did not appear before it to answer questions related to the case. The ex PM had been summoned by the court many times, but had failed to comply with the order.

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The Toshakhana case dates back to the 1980s, when the government of Pakistan had let certain individuals to import luxury cars at concessionary rates. Those cars were then allegedly gifted to public officials in violation of the rules. The case was reopened in 2018, and since then, several high-profile individuals have been reportedly caught up in the scandal.

The court’s decision to issue a non-bailable arrest warrant against Imran Khan has sent shockwaves across the country. Many of his supporters are outraged by the decision, and have accused the judiciary of being biased against the Prime Minister.

As of now, it is not yet known if and when Imran Khan will be arrested. However, the decision to issue a non-bailable warrant means that he will not be able to avoid the law for long. His office has not yet released any statement regarding this matter, but it is expected that they will challenge the court’s decision in the upcoming days.