North Korean leader Kim Jong-un orders to ban suicide! Suicides skyrocketed in 2023

Korean leader Kim Jong-un orders to ban suicide

WORLD: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is in the headlines once again after he has passed orders to ban suicide. As per government officials, there has been a sharp rise in the number of suicides in North Korea. However, the exact number of suicides have not been revealed as the lid of secrecy has covered Pyongyang’s data. Meanwhile, South Korean intelligence has figured out that at least 40% more suicides have occurred in North Korea when compared to the past year. This estimate was done in May this year.

Kim Jong Un said in a statement that suicide is an “act of treason against socialism”. As per reports, he also said that the local government officials will be held equally responsible if they are not able to prevent suicides. Since the people are killing themselves under their jurisdiction. What is more concerning is that there have been suicides which includes the whole of the family. The order was also talked about in several emergency meetings which were held in North Korea provinces.

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Officials were shocked to know families suicided

During the meeting, even the officials who attended it were shocked, official from the northeastern province of North Hamgyong told Radio Free Asia. The suicide data was revealed among the officials who attended the meeting. They were also shocked by the fact that inside the suicide notes of the people, they criticized the country as well as the social system. One of the officials from Ryanggang informed Radio Free Asia that suicide was effecting the community so much that it is more than starvation can.

No countermeasure right now

An official highlighted that the suicide prevention policy has already been issued by the General Secretary. However, the officials are not able to come up with solid solution. He also said that majority of the suicides were due to severe poverty and starvation so finding a solution is very difficult. “No one can come up with the countermeasure right now” he said. As per 2019 data by the World Health Organisation (WHO) there were 8.2 suicides for 100,000 people in North Korea.