North Korea tests underwater drones which can create Radioactive Tsunami!

North Korea has grabbed the attention of all with its highly destructive underwater drone testing. The underwater drones are capable of creating Radioactive Tsunami and completely destroy naval vessels of the opposite side.

This was showcased few days ago under the leadership of nations leader Kim Jong Un and was a big success to the military. It was informed that this was a part of the military exercise and the system resulted in largest scale destructive explosion along with huge wave. The nuclear abilities of the system were not revealed.

“This nuclear underwater attack drone can be deployed at any coast and port or towed by a surface ship for operation,” KCNA said. It was reported that its journey under water was around 59 hours and went as deep as 80 to 150 metres (260-500 feet).

The drill will continue till April 3 where various weapons will be tested. The main reason behind North Korea’s drills is that the country claims that its enemy nations’ capital Seoul and Washington conduct military exercises together for future invasion of North Korea and the dills are a response.