New York Museum discovered 15 sculptures smuggled from India, announces to return them

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art will be sending 15 sculptures back to India where they originally belong. It has been known that these art pieces were have been brought to the museum by trafficking. The person behind the smuggling of these artifacts has been identified as Subhash Kapoor who is a Indian-American man.

Subhash Kapoor was caught red handed by Interpol in Germany in 2011, for atleast 30 years he had his hands on millions worth items. He is in jail now after in 2022, Tamil Nadu court ordered 10 years of jail to him. The museum has further informed that they will once again verify the artworks that are there in the museum which have been acquired from suspicious dealers.

Some of the art pieces are Madhya Pradesh’s sandstone Celestial Dancer (Apsara) whose price is atleast $1 million, next is West Bengal’s Yakshi Terracotta etc. The antiquities are very old which date from the 1st century BCE to the 11th century CE, as per reports. In the list, there are terracotta, copper and stone, along with which are ceramic pot from Chandraketugarh, a stone bust of Kamadeva, the God of Love, from the second half of the 8th century C.E, a Svetambara enthroned Jina.