Mississippi storm takes 25 lives, Biden approved an emergency declaration

Mississippi is having a tough time after a wild storm hit the area and injured hundreds, taking lives of at least 25. The storm resulted in destruction of many towns and also wiped out almost a complete place which is Rolling Fork in western Sharkey County .After so much chaos in the nation, the US President Joe Biden had promised that he would provide all the nessasory help to the affected.

Follolwing his promise, Joe Biden has taken measures to ensure recovery and hence, has approved an emergency declaration. Due to this, the damage will be controlled. Along with this place, it will help the people of counties of Carroll, Humphreys, Monroe, and Sharkey. US President Joe Biden expressed sadness on images that are surfacing on social media and called it heartbreaking.

Biden has ordered federal aid to supplement state, tribal and local recovery efforts for those who are affected. This was said through a White House Statement. The statement also read “we will be there as long as it takes, we will work unitedly to deliver the necessary support you need to recover”. These words from the president have comforted people in these difficult Times.