Malaysia floodwater kills one, 26,000 evacuated to safer places

Parts of Malaysia have suffered severe damage due to floodwater and people have taken shelters on rooftops. Rescuers have been trying to relocate them to safer places.

They have moved others to safety as more than 26,000 people were evacuated on Thursday. One person died when his car was swept away by the floodwaters.

The southern state of Johor, just beside Singapore, has sufferedthe most damage, with around 25,000 people being moved to aid centers in schools and community halls. That figure doubled from Tuesday, officials said. Five other states were also hit by flood after continues rain happened on Wednesday.

The Korea Meteorological Administration warned that the sixth heavy rain is going on in the country due to the rainy season that began in November, warning that it could continue into April.

In December, tens of thousands of people were evacuated as a safety measure against flooding.

The department warned Thursday that rain would continue in Johor and other areas, which could cause further more flooding.

Social media posts showed photos of flooded roads, floating cars and houses, and closed shops.

Images posted by the National Flood Disaster Agency show rescuers in parts of Johor helping victims trapped in their homes, carrying babies in buckets to safety.

The Korea Meteorological Administration warned that water levels in 25 rivers across the country have touched dangerous levels. According to the report, 102 landslides have been caused by heavy rains since November.

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