Kim Jong-un’s new rule, North Koreans to be sentenced for using South Korean accent

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un bans South Korean accent.

North Korea: North Korean leader Kim jong-un has announced yet another baffling rule in the country. He has asked the citizens of North Korea to not talk in South Korean language. Calling the South Korean language as puppet language, the leader said anyone who doesn’t follow this rule will be punished severely. As per report by South China Morning Post, if any citizen is caught talking in South Korean accent or slang they will have to face sentence. It also said that the sentence may include hard labour in a prison camp.

Moreover, the report suggest that the guilty may also be sentence with death under the Pyongyang Cultural Language Protection Act. The act was enacted in the country in 2022 on January 18. This act calls for execution of violators and has been introduced to eliminate South Korean style speech from the DPRK. In the past, there have been cases where many have already been punished for speaking in South Korean vocabulary. As per report, one had been executed for talking in South Korean accent.

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Citizen of the country are concerned over the new rule. They are concerned because some have already developed the habit of speaking in the South Korean way. It’ll be difficult to speak in the Pyongyang dialect and they may unintentionally speak some South Korean words. And if they do, they’ll be punished for doing it even if it is out of habit. Residents of the northwestern province of North Pyongan told Radio Free Asia that they will have to practice the Pyongyang dialect from now on.

No oppa and jhagiya in North Korea

Many North Korean people watch South Korean dramas secretly and have learned many new words. However, words from the kdrama like jhagiya or oppa can’t be used by women to call their husband. Instead, they’ll have to adress their husbands as dongji,” (comrade). Furthermore, the North Koreans will not be allowed to use English words that the South Koreans have adapted. Words like paesyeon’ (fashion), ‘heeoseutail’ (hairstyle) as well as ‘waipeu’ (wife) are prohibited. North Korean authorities have taken this decision as they intent to “wiping out the rotten language of capitalism,”, RFA reported