Jaishankar Fiji President talked about this Bollywood film, you’ll be shocked to know!

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar recalled Fijian President Wiliame Katonivere’s remarks on Thursday about the impact Hindi films had on him and his favorite Hindi films. Speaking at the World Hindi Conference in Suva, Jaishankar said the goal is to make Hindi a global language and the conference becomes a platform for all Hindi lovers to join.

He said, “I think everyone hopes that this conference will become a Hindi-language Mahakumb where people from all over the world gather. It will become a Hindi-themed global networking platform,” he said.

Jaishankar said India had convinced Fiji that it would help meet the demand for education in Hindi, Tamil and other languages.

Recalling the Fijian president’s comments about the influence of Hindi cinema, Jaishankar said Katonivere had told him that Hindi cinema had a great influence on him and that he had seen many films.

“When I asked what my favorite movie was, he said, ‘Sure, Sholay. He said he still remembers the song ‘Yeh Dosti’,” said the minister.

India and Fiji share a close, friendly and longstanding relationship with elements of a strong development partnership. This year marks the 75th anniversary of India establishing a diplomatic mission in Fiji.

The MEA statement said Jaishankar’s visit was his first visit to Fiji since the government’s change in December 2022.

Jaishankar previously addressed the Indian diaspora in Suva.

Addressing the Indian diaspora in Fiji on Thursday, the Foreign Minister said, “The Indian community spread across the globe has achieved its own milestones and is a tremendous asset to both India today, the country in which it lives and the world.” .

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