Iran unveils hypersonic missile, travels 15x speed of sound, threat to regional missile defense system

Iran supersonic missile unveiled. Photo Credit: Twitter

World: Iran has made a big statement regarding its defence and has stated on Tuesday that it has created a hypersonic missile. Which has some great capabilities and features. As per the statement, it can penetrate any regional missile defence system. However, they have not offered any evidence to support the claim. The Missile which has been named as ‘Fattah’ is fit to travel at 15 times the speed of sound. Additionally, it has a range of up to 1400 km which is around 870 miles. This announcement from Iran comes at a time when it is having sour relationships with the United States over Tehran’s nuclear program.

Hypersonic missile unveiled on Iran’s state television

The Hypersonic missile ‘Fattah’, meaning Conqueror was revealed in front of the world on June 6. It was unveiled on Tuesday morning while President Abraham Raisi was present there. This home developed hypersonic missile is the most recent achievement of Iran IRGC. The unveiling of the hypersonic missile was shown on Iran’s state television. A model missile was unveiled by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in front of the President. The Revolutionary Guard is a hardline Paramilitary Organisation in the Islamic Republic.


In November, a general from the Revolutionary Guard had claimed that Iran had developed a hypersonic missile. However, he did not have any evidence to prove it at that time. In September, nationwide protests were erupting in Iran and the claim had come during the same time. In September itself, a 22 year old woman named Mahsa Amini had lost her life after she was arrested by the country’s morality police and was killed.

Why is this weapon a threat to the world?

Hypersonic weapons which have the capability to move four or five times greater than that of the speed of sound are considered to be highly challenging. This is because they can easily pose threat to missile defence systems due to their high speed and maneuverability. Countries like China, America and Russia have an eye on such weapons. Russia has in fact claimed that it has already used the weapon in the battlefield with Ukraine. Where as, some reports suggest China is planning to pursue the weapons