Indonesia merapi volcano eruption covers villages with ash, thick clouds hide the sun

Indonesia’ Mount Merapi was seen busting with volcano lava along with releasing big and bulky smoke clouds. These clouds almost covered the sun and spread ashes across a large area where villages were covered with ashes.

After the Lava erupted, the government authorities were forced to Health Tourism and mining activities. Mount Merapi is located on the biggest island of all which is Java. Indonesia has as many as 120 active volcanoes and Merapi is the one of them.

In 2010, the 2,963 meter-high (9,721 feet) Merapi had last erupted which resulted in 347 deaths displacement of 20,000 villagers. Merapi was already on high-alert.

An official said, “It was only observed as a one-time event, and five or six avalanches have already occurred. If the coverage continues to expand and the distance is more than 7 km, it is highly likely that residents will be advised to evacuate.” told Reuters

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