India plays a critical role on the Global stage, Biden relies on PM Modi

Joe Biden interacting with PM Modi. Photo Credit: Google

World: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting Washington in the near future. Taking this as a good chance the United States plans to deepen the roots of relation between both the countries. US Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel was, in a recent speech, asked about PM Modi’s visit and if the US will discuss about the democratic backsliding and Human Rights issue with him. To which he said that ” The United States’ partnership with India is one of the most consequential”.

US government to deepen engagement on important topics

He also said that the US government works very closely with the Indian government on several of their most vital priorities. Continuing which he said that the US government will look forward to hosting them there. “We will continue to deepen our engagement on important topics like climate crisis, fostering an open and accessible secure Technology ecosystem, upholding a free and open Indo-Pacific as well as deepening our trade and security Corporation” he said.

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He also talked about the human rights and said that it is in the nation’s interest. Hence, this topic will directly be discussed with the governments. Vedant Patel represents and is the leader of the Indian American community in the United States. “The visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi serves as a proof that there is a strong and enduring partnership between both the great nations. It Re-assures us that there is a the warm bonds of family and friendship that unite the American and Indian people.” PTI quoted him as saying.

India plays a critical role on the Global stage

Meanwhile, Biden is relying on PM Modi to counter China over the Indo Pacific. The US plans to push against China due over its expanding influence worldwide.The United States has also praised India and said that India plays a critical role on the Global stage. Guidance top official for the Indo Pacific region, Kurt Campbell also stressed on the ties between both the Nations. He said that PM Modi’s visit confirms that the relationship with India is the most important for the US.