Flight with 150 passengers catches fire, was going from Nepal to Dubai


A big problem occured with a Dubai-bound flight on Monday. The flight that had taken off from Tribhuvan International Airport suffered with some damage in one of its engins. The situation became scary as 150 people were on board with the flight. The problem was noticed some time after the flight took off from the Airport as per source.

As soon as the problem was discovered, the flight was made to come back which did rounds in the skies of Dharke. However, after some time the flight continued the journey as the pilots informed the control tower because they found out that all indicators were working normally. Let us tell you that the passangers included 50 Nepali passengers.

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As per reports, the affected engine was turned off by the pilots for some time and once the problem was fixed the plan continued to move towards the destination. The flight was actually trying to land at the Kathmandu as per Deputy Director of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal via private television news channel.

“The FlyDubai flight FZ 576 experienced a bird strike during takeoff from Kathmandu. After following standard procedure the flight will to continue as normal to Dubai and is scheduled to land at 00:14 local time,” a spokesperson for the airlines said.

Witnesses have said that they surely noticed fire engulfed over one of the engines and hence, fire fighters were made available at the airport where the flight was supposed to land at. Necessary arrangements for the emergency landing were also made.