Cyclone Mocha may drown a small Island in Bangladesh, moving with speed 210 kmph

Cyclone Mocha is getting bigger and stronger as a time is passing, followed by which Meteorologist Shahinul Islam has stated that the centre of the storm will hit Myanmar and a Small Island in Bangladesh will get submerged in water for a short time as there is no infrastructure on the island that can act as a barrier against the storm.

However, he also said that it completely depends on how fast the storm approaches the Island which will decide how much area will get submerged. BMD Director Md Azizur Rahman said on Sunday that the water may not be constant and might flow which reduce is the possibilities of the island going underwater.

As per BMD, the cyclone morcha is going towards the coastal areas of Bangladesh and Myanmar at a speed of 210 km per hour. As per Indian Meteorological Department the cyclone will pass through Myanmar as well as Bangladesh today with a speed of 182 to 190 km per hour which may go up to 210 km per hour. The people in the region will be evacuated.