China super alert! Several schools shut across the nation after rise in infections

covid in rise after curbs relaxed
Several schools halted classes due to rise in infections in China

China is again concerned about the spread of Covid and other pathogens like flu and norovirus after increase in the number of infections across the country post relaxation on curbs. Followed by which several schools across China have halted classes earlier this week to bring the situation in control.

Rapid antigen tests that were conducted last week in the eastern e-commerce hub Hangzhou resulted in 10 infections for covid among second-graders in the same classroom. It resulted in suspending their classes for four days from Monday to Thursday. Officials say that students were likely infected for the first time.

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Elementary school in Shanghai has suspended in-person teaching post four students were diagnosed with flu while others developed similar symptoms. Similar trend is being followed by several schools across Zhejiang province, Chinese capital Beijing and nearby city Tianjin.

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