After 4 months the sun rose in this part of the earth and the black night of winter ended

Antarctica: In early August, the 12-member Concordia Research Station crew was delighted to see the light of the Sun after four months. Finally, after four months in Antarctica, winter ended and the weather changed. The rise of the Sun is important to scientists in many ways. The sun had set here in May this year and scientists were eagerly waiting for it to rise again. Antarctica is in the south, where the rising of the sun is considered an important event. The European Space Agency (ESA) has provided this information by writing a blog and sharing photographs.

Now let’s finish the research
Scientists were on their way to completing three-quarters of their research in Antarctica, and now they can do it. Dr. sent by the space agency. Hans Hägsson shared this photo of the beautiful view from the station’s main entrance. The sun came up here on August 5, and it was only then that Hogson took the photograph. He wrote, ‘Time is so strange here, it passes so quickly and at the same time it so slowly.’

He continued, ‘We expected the sun to rise in the south in two days. The return of the morning light certainly gave us a reason to smile and now the final leg of this adventure is about to begin.

Photo by NASA

The weather is getting tough
Winters in Antarctica are very harsh, with temperatures as low as -80 degrees. There is absolutely no light, and complete darkness is enough to make anyone panic. Employees have to work hard to keep busy during winter. A program called Mid-Winter is organized in June and Winter Games in July. Crews from all stations in Antarctica participate in many games and friendly competitions.

What research will scientists do?
Sunrise in August is special in many ways. Now scientists can conduct many types of research here. Along with this, a film festival is also organized here. The research to be conducted is particularly biomedical related. Dr. Hans Hogson took samples of the crew members’ urine, feces, and blood. Along with this he will check the psychological measures through a questionnaire.

Their aim is to discover the effects of loneliness and climate on the human body. In October, the crew will begin preparations for summer at the base. There will be rooms and tents prepared for temperatures above 40 degrees so that the results of the upcoming research can be found.

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