14 apps blocked by Indian government in light of national security reasons

The Indian government has blocked 14 mobile applications, mainly messaging apps, that have been implicated in the spread of domestic terrorism. The move comes at the time of growing tensions between India and Pakistan over the disputed territories of Jammu and Kashmir. The blocked apps are being used by Pakistani-based terrorists to send and receive information to and from terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to government officials, the blocked apps include popular messaging platforms as well as some social media platforms such as TikTok. Officials claim these apps are being used by terrorist organizations for connecting and coordinating their activities, including planning attacks in particular area.

Other apps that have been blocked are Crypviser, Enigma, Safeswiss, BChat, Wickrme, Mediafire, Briar, Nandbox, Conion, Element, Second line, IMO, Zangi, Threema etc. However, some critics have said that instead of blocking the apps, the government should focus on improving intelligence and law enforcement.

The move of blocking these apps has received mixed reactions as the act has divided people into two opinions. One one hand, some support the government’s efforts to combat terrorism, on the other hand some argue that such actions may violate people’s privacy and freedom of expression. The decision was made after a thorough investigation by the government, and it has reassured the public that it is committed to safeguarding national security and sovereignty.