VIDEO: 30 years after death, unique wedding of bride and groom performed, called “pretha kalyanam”

very unique wedding of the dead

Shobha and Chandappa got married in a traditional way in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district on Thursday. This marriage took place 30 years after his death. It was no ordinary wedding, it was a ‘pretha kalyanam’ or ‘wedding of the dead’.

Pretha Kalyanam is a tradition
‘Pretha Kalyanam’ is a tradition, which is still followed in some parts of Karnataka and Kerala. Where marriage rituals are performed for those who die during birth. The communities here consider it a way to honor their souls.

married after 30 years
YouTuber Annie Arun shared every detail of this strange meeting on Twitter. He tweeted that I am attending a wedding today. Everything is there in this wedding, but the bride and groom are not present. The groom is dead and the bride is also dead. Both of them got married 30 years after his death.

Marriage takes place when a child dies during birth
He said that “..there is a solemn tradition. For those who die in childbirth, they are usually married off to another child who dies during childbirth. All the rituals are the same as in marriage.” Two families go to each other’s house for engagement.

The wedding procession also included
The event also included a procession and “Saptapadi”. Even after life, this couple lives happily ever after. At the same time, users are commenting in many ways. Some are appreciating this custom and some are saying something.

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