Girl’s boyfriend turned out to be her biological brother, both were adopted, stunned after seeing DNA reports

After dating a boy for 6 years, the girl came to know such a truth that she was surprised. Actually, the girl’s boyfriend actually turned out to be her brother. The girl has told about this in detail in a Reddit post.

The girl wrote- I have recently come to know that the boy I have been dating for 6 years is my biological brother. I am 30 years old and my brother is 32 years old. Now I feel very strange.

The girl further told- I was adopted in childhood itself. I came to know about this after reaching high school.

The girl was told by her boyfriend that she was also adopted. That’s why the two came close. He said- We both came to know about our adoption in high school itself. We were both lucky that we had got good families.

The girl said- Our relationship has been very good so far. We started understanding each other very soon. Then both of us immediately came close to each other.

The girl told in the post that before this she had not come close to anyone so soon. Now the girl seems that due to being a brother, the girl was very comfortable with him. He told that both of them celebrated the anniversary together and kept on saying ‘I love you’ to each other.

The girl told that the DNA test got information about the real relationship between her and her boyfriend. He said- We wanted to know about our real parents. But before that the relationship between the brother and sister of both of us was revealed. I was surprised. Till now I have not told this to my boyfriend.

Now the girl is hoping that this test is wrong. Both of them will go to get tested again soon. People also expressed surprise in the comment section on this disclosure of the girl. One user wrote – There are 700 crore people in the world, what is the problem. Another wrote – It is not the fault of both of them, but now both of them will not be able to live together.

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