Airbag failed to work in a car accident, company paid Rs 1.25 lakh to the customer

The Government of India is constantly emphasizing on the safety of cars. Last year, it was made mandatory in the country to have 2 airbags in cars. But have you thought that if the Airbag does not work at the time of need, then who will compensate it? Recently a similar case has come to the fore which is related to Hyundai’s car.

In fact, the Gujarat State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has ordered Hyundai India to pay Rs 1.25 lakh to a customer. This ongoing dispute between Hyundai customer and company is 11 years old. Let us know in detail about this whole matter…

Know the whole matter between Hyundai and the customer

It so happened that Abhay Kumar Jain, a resident of Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, bought a Hyundai hatchback in 2010. After this, in 2011, it overturned and overturned during an accident. Although all the passengers including the driver were safe in this accident and Abhay got Rs 2.75 lakh from the insurance company after this.

The big screw in this whole incident was related to the airbag. The car’s airbags did not open during the accident. According to the survey of the insurance company, there was a fault in the airbag of the car and it was a manufacturing fault. After getting information about this, Abhay sued the company. The dealer, on the other hand, argued that the insurance company’s survey could not determine whether the car’s airbag was faulty. Also, the dealer also said that the passengers may not be wearing seat belts.

Hyundai gave Rs 1.25 lakh to the customer

Abhay had demanded Rs 2 lakh as compensation and Rs 50,000 for legal expenses. The court also considered Hyundai wrong in this matter and asked the company to pay a fine to compensate for it. However, the court halved this amount. After this, Hyundai gave a compensation of Rs 1 lakh and Rs 25,000 as legal expenses to Abhay.

How do Airbags work?

Most airbags contain an active compound called Guanidine Nitrate. This collision becomes active in 2 milliseconds. As a result, nitrogen gas rises and inflates the bag in 20 to 30 milliseconds. In this nitrogen gas expands at a speed of 230 km per hour. In most cars, airbags don’t work if a seatbelt isn’t on.

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