Video of policeman crying viral on social media, said- can your children eat such food?

Lucknow: A policeman in Police Lines of Firozabad district has questioned the quality of food being prepared in the mess. A video of a question raised by a police personnel on the quality of food is also going viral on social media. The policeman who has questioned the quality of the food provided to the policemen is being nam

ed as Manoj Kumar.

In the viral video, Manoj Kumar is seen saying that the quality of the food being given is so bad that even an animal cannot eat it. Manoj Kumar has said crying that we have to eat the food which animals do not eat. Not only this, he has held the officers of the police department responsible for such food. However, after this video went viral, the manager of the police mess has also given his reaction, in which the manager has said that Manoj Kumar creates ruckus every day without any reason regarding the quality of food.

Actually, a video of policeman Manoj Kumar is becoming fiercely viral on social media. In which the policeman has said that even after several times the higher officials were informed about the problem, till date no solution has been found. Even today, poor quality food is being served to the policemen. Manoj Kumar has even said that after this video went viral, the Reserve Inspector has told him about his suspension.

Firozabad police side

In the complaint tweet related to the quality of the mess food, the CO City is investigating the quality of the food. It is noteworthy that 15 punishments related to habitual indiscipline, absenteeism and negligence have been given to the said complainant constable in the last years.

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