Pregnant wife beaten fiercely by in-laws, then husband gave triple talaq, report filed

Badaun: Dowry greedy in-laws first beat up the woman fiercely. At the behest of the in-laws, the husband called his nine months pregnant wife talaq-talaq-talaq. On the complaint of the victim woman, a report has been registered against four people of her in-laws’ side including her husband under the Protection of Rights Act on dowry, assault and marriage of Muslim women.

The daughter of Siwa, resident of Mohalla Patti Yasq Muhammad of Kotwali Sahaswan area. Havvi gave a tahrir and told that she was married two years ago to Sanu, son of Officer, resident of Mohalla Nayaganj. Siwa’s mother and brother had given goods and jewellery. Due to which husband Shanu, mother-in-law Reshma, father-in-law officer, sister-in-law Gudiya alias Asma were not happy. After a few days of marriage, the matter of low dowry started taunting. They started demanding five lakh rupees and a car in dowry.

Even after Siwa is pregnant, the in-laws beat her several times and threw her out of the house. Siwa tried to convince the in-laws many times but they did not agree. On August 8, around 8.30 pm, Siwa Mohalla Patti was at the house of her sister Ishrat Bi, a resident of Yaswat Mohammad. It is alleged that during this time Siwa’s in-laws came there and started abusing her.

When they resisted abusing, the in-laws beat up Siwa and Ishrat Bi. At the behest of her in-laws, Sanu beat Siwa fiercely and uttered triple talaq. Even after being nine months pregnant, the troubled Siwa reached the Kotwali civil line by giving a Tahrir. On the basis of Siwa’s Tahrir, the police have filed a report against the accused Sanu, Reshma, Officer and Gudiya alias Asma.

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