One animal dies because of lumpy virus, vaccination is being done to animals to deal with the infection

Moradabad: Lumpy virus is spreading rapidly in animals through Toji. A total of 127 cases of lumpi virus have been reported in the district so far, while 98 animals have become free from this disease. While one animal has died due to the lumpi virus and the remaining animals are undergoing treatment. However, according to the Chief Veterinary Officer, he was already suffering from a disease called Trypanosoma.

Lumpy skin disease virus has created an atmosphere of fear among the cattle owners in Uttar Pradesh. Cases related to lumpy skin disease virus are continuously coming up across the state. But, the good thing is that the death toll from this disease is only one percent. The government has started the work of vaccination to prevent this disease. In Moradabad also vaccination is being done rapidly under the leadership of Chief Veterinary Officer and according to him the given target will be achieved very soon.

The Chief Veterinary Officer says that there is a need to be careful with the lumpy virus. Because it is a viral disease, which spreads from one body to another. This is a disease spreading just like corona virus. There is no need to be afraid of lumpy virus. But caution is necessary.

These symptoms of lumpy virus seen in animals
Water and saliva start falling from the nose and mouth of animals infected with this virus. There is high fever and such animals skip food. Small grains first appear under the skin of such animals. This rash turns into a wound. It is mostly found near the mouth, neck of cattle.

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