Independent India’s first tricolor was made by Nathe Singh of Meerut, know why

Meerut: The pride of the country is the tricolor. To commemorate the 75th year of independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed for the ‘Har Ghar Tricolor’ campaign on August 15 this time. After the appeal of the Prime Minister, the Yogi government of UP is working hard to make it a success. You will be surprised to know that even though the outline of the tricolor was prepared by freedom fighter Pingali Venkaiah, the first person to prepare the national flag in independent India with his own hands was Natthe Singh of UP.

The first tricolor of independent India was made in Krantidhara Meerut

The preparations for the Amrit Festival of Independence are going on in full swing across the country. If it comes to the freedom of the country, then the name of Kranti Dhara Meerut comes first. The trumpet of the country’s independence revolution was blown from this earth and after independence the first tricolor was also built on this revolution.

Nathe Singh made the first tricolor of independent India

Born in 1925, Nathe Singh, a resident of Subhash Nagar, Meerut, made the first tricolor of independent India. At that time Natthe Singh was about 22 years old. Since then, he made making the tricolor flag the purpose of life. Along with Natha, his family also got involved in the work of making the tricolor. In the year 2019, Natthe Singh went to the next world while editing this work of patriotism.

The whole family is busy in making the tricolor

After the death of Natthe Singh, now his son Ramesh Chand along with his family is working to make the tricolor. Ramesh’s wife and two daughters also help in making the tricolor. Says that we feel proud of ourselves, because our father (father-in-law) first got the privilege of making the tricolor the pride of independent India and now we are also serving the country by making the tricolor.

After the meeting in Parliament, the responsibility came on the shoulder of Nathe Singh

Nathe Singh’s son Ramesh recalled that his father had told that when the country became independent and a meeting was held in the Parliament House, the regional Gandhi Ashram Meerut was entrusted with the task of making the tricolor for the first time. Here the responsibility of making the first national flag of independent India was given to Nathe Singh only.

Neighbor gave oil then made tricolor in the light of lantern

Ramesh told that at that time there was no electricity in our house. There was not even enough oil in our house to light the lantern. Then the father (Nathe Singh) asked for oil from the neighbors’ house and lit a lantern, in whose light the work of making flags was started. It is that day and today is the day, the business of making tricolor flourished in Meerut. Today, there is a lot of demand for the Tricolor made of Meerut across the country. Whether it is a government office or a private institution, only the tricolor made of Meerut flutters on everyone.

Tricolor artisans are not getting even from search

Due to the appeal of PM and efforts of CM Yogi, the work of making tricolor is going on in full swing in the state. Due to this the employment of people making flags has increased considerably. Not only this, now it has become difficult for the contractors making the flag to get the artisans, because the demand for the flag is high and the number of artisans making it is very less. At least this proves that now the national flag tricolor has increased the pride of the country as well as employment opportunities for the people.

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