Immense love for pet dogs! Autopsy carried out on death of pet, did funeral with tears in eyes

Bikapur/Ayodhya. You must have seen the example of love between humans and dogs many times. You must have heard many such stories. Many films have also been made about dogs and humans. In 1985, a movie ‘Teri Mehrabaniyan’ came in Bollywood itself. It depicts the love between a dog and a human.

An example of such love was found in Ratanpur Tendua (Budhanpur) Gram Panchayat of Bikapur block. A unique funeral procession that took place there provided strength to human sensibilities. Surjit Yadav of Ratanpur Tendua (Budhanpur) took out the last journey after the death of his loyal dog. With moist eyes all the family members paid tribute to him. For 2 years he kept a dog named Dali.

Completely vegetarian, this dog had an undying love for every member of this family. He was the favorite of every member of the family. Dali died unnaturally. After his death, Surjit Yadav’s family performed the last rites of their favorite dog according to Hindu customs. A basil plant was also planted where he was buried.

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