Aadhaar verification not done for 1.5 lakh MNREGA workers yet

Ayodhya: In MNREGA, there is to be 100% Aadhaar based payment and Aadhaar verification of workers. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also given instructions to link MNREGA workers and payments with Aadhaar to bring transparency in the scheme. Despite this, Aadhaar card verification of more than 1.5 lakh MNREGA job card holder workers has not been done so far in the district.

There are three lakh 96 thousand 860 active job card holder workers in the district, out of which two lakh 42 thousand workers have been fed Aadhaar in the scheme. However, till now only one lakh 66 thousand 312 workers have got Aadhaar number verification done. There are still one lakh 54 thousand 760 workers who have not been able to give their Aadhaar number till now. According to departmental data, still 39 percent of job card holder workers have to have Aadhaar verification.

According to the officials, there is always a possibility of irregularities in the scheme till the Aadhaar verification is not done. Milkipur, Purabazar, Tarun and Sohawal are the blocks in the district where Aadhaar verification is less than 50 percent. Instructions have been issued to all the blocks, they should run the campaign and get the Aadhaar numbers of cent percent workers fed on the departmental website.

Instructions have been given for 100% Aadhaar verification and payment. In August 2022, there are instructions to feed the Aadhaar numbers of 100% workers. The secretaries responsible will not be given the salary for the month of September if the Aadhaar number is not fed despite the instructions.Anita Yadav, CDO

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