Writer padmabhushan movie review, know story and verdict

Young hero Suhas Starr writer Padmabushan hit the screens today. The film generated a lot of buzz with its promotion and received a positive response from its initial screenings. Let’s see if the movie lives up to the hype.


Padmabhushan (Suhas) publishes his first book, Tholi Adugu, and wants to be recognized by all. Suddenly he becomes a famous writer and everyone thinks highly of him. The twist is that the book wasn’t written by him. Padmabhushan wants to know who wrote the book under his pen name. Who are the writers? Did Padmabhushan find a writer? Why did I use Padmabushan’s name? All these questions will be answered in the main movie.


Since promotion began, the crew has made it clear that the film is a family entertainer. The story is quite compelling and has all the emotions like love, humor and sentiment and has a good message as well. The director explains it in a charming way.

Suha proved himself to be a good actor through short films and films. Padma Bhushan has proven once again that she can play any role through her screenwriter. His comedic timing, dialogue delivery and emotional acting are amazing. The boy-next-door actor is one of the film’s greatest assets.

Besides Suhas, Ashish Vidyarthi also performed very well. His performance as a father (Madhu Sudan) who enjoys his son’s fame and feels confident in its background is quite noteworthy. His scenes evoke fun.

Impressive is Rohini Molleti who plays Saraswathi, the mother of Padmabhushan (Suhas). Her subtle acting will definitely steal many people’s hearts. Actresses Tina Shilparaj, Gowri Priya Reddy and Praveen Katari also gave their best performances.


The story is good enough to entertain the viewer and has a neat message that will definitely connect. However, the story begins with a slow-paced narration that feels boring.

Actress Tina Shilparaj’s character could have been written in a better way, especially in the first half. She’ll be thinking, ‘How can a rich woman fall in love with a middle-class man who has nothing to achieve?’ The director’s explanation is still not convincing.

The movie could be more interesting if more scenes were written for Rohini and Ashish Vidyarthi. Writer Padmabushan said the first half could have been more interesting and entertaining if it was fast-paced.

technical aspects

Debutant director Shanmukha Prasanth delivers a good film with good humor and an interesting story full of emotion. He has been successful both as a director and as a writer. Production values ​​are plentiful and can be witnessed on screen.

The camera work by Venkat R Shakamuri and the music by Sekhar Chandra and Kalyan Nayak are impressive and a great addition to the film. The editing by Kodati Pavan Kalyan and Siddharth Thatholu is neat but could have been better. Runtime is a great addition to movies.


Overall, auteur Padmabhushan makes a charming film with a perfect blend of humor and emotion. The message the director wanted to convey to the audience was clear, and they will definitely relate to it. Suhas’ performance and climax are assets of the film. Aside from a slight delay in the first hour, the film has everything to work at the box office and is worth a look this weekend.

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