Will India-Pakistan relations improve? Foreigners of both the countries met for the first time after Shahbaz’s government

After the departure of the Imran Khan government in Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif has taken power. Imran Khan had spoiled relations with India. The ice on Indo-Pak relations now seems to be melting. The Shahbaz government feels that relations with India can improve. There are signs of this too. The Foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan have met for the first time after the Shahbaz government.

India-Pakistan foreign ministers meet

According to ABP News, the meeting of Foreign Minister of India S Jaishankar and Foreign Minister of Pakistan Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is less than the SCO summit in Uzbekistan. According to information received from sources, the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan met each other during the SCO conference in Uzbekistan. However, there have been no bilateral delegation talks between the two foreign ministers.

Jaishankar-Bilawal Bhutto join hands!

There was a courtesy meeting between India’s Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar and Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto and both of them also shook hands. Earlier, on many occasions, the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan used to completely ignore each other. The manner in which the Foreign Minister of Pakistan treated the Foreign Minister of India in the SCO summit, it seems that he has extended a hand of friendship from his side. According to the information, India also wants to improve relations with Pakistan under the policy of Neighbor First. However, for this, Pakistan will also have to create an atmosphere.

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