Who is Achinta Sheuli, who has won gold medal in Commonwealth Games 2022?

Achinta Shueli won the gold in the 73kg category

In the Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2022 released in Birmingham on Sunday, Achinta Sheuli added another gold medal to India in weightlifting.

Achinta won gold in men’s 73kg final by lifting 143kg in snatch and 170kg in clean and jerk. He won the sixth medal for India in the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Know about their journey so far.

Achinta wins gold with Games record

Achinta Sheuli had lifted 137 kg in her first attempt at snatch, which was the highest, but she did even better in the next two attempts. Achinta created a Games record by lifting 140 kg and then 143 kg.

After lifting 166 kg in the first attempt of clean and jerk, he could not lift 170 kg in the second attempt. However, lifting 170 in the third attempt, he set a Games record with 313 kg.

Who is Achinta Sheuli?

Achinta was born on 24 November 2001 in Howrah, West Bengal.

His late father worked as a laborer in the town. After the death of his father at a young age, his childhood was spent in extreme poverty. He fought for the economic front by working as a tailor.
Her brother Alok inspired her to take up weightlifting, after which Achinta started participating in weightlifting competitions and never looked back.

Received family support even in difficult situations

In making Achinta a success, his family has given full support even in poverty.

His brother Alok told ‘The Bridge’, “I convinced Achinta to take up weightlifting in 2011-12. We both participated in the 2013 Nationals in Guwahati, in which Achinta finished fourth and I finished sixth. After the death of my father, I found it difficult to continue the game.”

Achinta associated with Army Sports Institute

Achinta joined the Army Sports Institute (ASI) in 2018. He also moved to the Indian National Camp in the same year. In later years, Achinta continued training at ASI and excelled in weightlifting. He remains in the national camp.


A look at the achievements of Achinta

Over the years, 20-year-old Achinta has touched heights in weightlifting. He grabbed everyone’s attention by winning a gold medal at the Commonwealth Championships in 2019.

In 2021, he won a silver medal at the Junior World Weightlifting Championships. In the same year, he again won the gold medal in the Commonwealth Championships. In the men’s 73 kg event, Achinta successfully lifted a total of 316 kg.

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