Upasana Singh steps to court with serious allegations against Miss Universe Harnaz Sandhu, know why

Upasana Singh files case against Harnaz Sandhu

Punjabi actress and producer Upasana Singh has leveled serious allegations against Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu. She also told Harnaaz a lot of lies. Not only this, she is also taking legal action against Harnaaz.

Upasana has sent a legal notice to Harnaaz for breaking the contract of her film and completely distancing herself from her.

Upasana has filed a civil suit (civil case) against Harnaz in the Chandigarh District Court.

Harnaaz left the film after breaking the contract

Before becoming Miss Universe, Harnaaz had signed Upasana’s film ‘Bai Ji Kuttange’. The film also starred Upasana and her son Nanak.

As per the contract, Harnaaz was to be given 25 days to promote the film. Upasana alleges that Harnaaz has distanced herself from the film and is not attending the promotions.

She is also not promoting the film on social media.

Harnaaz not contacting in any way

Earlier this film was to release in May this year. Upasana pushed it forward in August so that Harnaaz would be freed from her work as Miss Universe.

Hindustan Times In a conversation with Upasana, she alleged that she had also requested Harnaz to give five days instead of 25. Harnaaz is not even answering their mails, messages or calls. In such a situation, his last option was to take the legal route.

economic loss

Now Upasana is promoting by taking loan

Talking about the financial loss, Upasana said, “I have invested my hard earned money in the film. Even when we changed the release date of the film, I suffered a lot. Now our sponsors are pulling out of the promotional event because Harnaaz is not coming. I had to take a loan for the promotion and release of the film.”

Even though Upasana has filed the case, she says she has already lost a lot of money and time.

Upasana is very disappointed with Harnaaz’s behavior

Upasana is deeply saddened by Harnaaz’s behaviour. He says that Harnaaz has broken his trust. According to Upasana, Harnaaz also lived with her in Mumbai and used to call her ‘Godmother’. Upasana had also organized a party on his winning the crown.

Upasana said, “Now all she has to do is Bollywood and Hollywood. The Punjabi film industry has become too small for her. I heard people change, aaj dekh liya.”

Outfable Bytes

Harnaaz Sandhu was born in the year 2000 in Punjab. In December 2021, she illuminated the name of India by winning the title of Miss Universe. Earlier, he had two Punjabi films in his part, ‘Yaara Diya Poo Baran’ and ‘Bai Ji Kuttang’.

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