What is the price of Twitter Blue tick in India for Android and iOS? know monthly charge

Twitter Blue is currently available in India, priced at Rs 650 per month on the website platform and Rs 900 per month on Android and iOS.

The most notable benefit of Elon Musk’s supported paid service is that it gives you a blue tick on your subscriber profile. Otherwise, it will only be available to users identified as prominent among other criteria on the microblogging site. Musk now indicates that the legacy blue tick will be removed soon.

One user tagged Musk in a Twitter post and wrote, “Dear Elon Musk, the blue checkmark is now a joke. Previously blue tick certification was only available to those who were public figures and politicians, but sadly today all Tom Dick n Harry are certified. Ur confirmation tick has lost its charm (sic).” I replied to this Twitter boss, “Legacy blue checks will be removed soon. They are truly corrupt.”

Netizens reacted quickly to the post. One user asked how Musk determines who is corrupt. Another person noted that Musk has legacy blue ticks and that removing all blue ticks could have serious safety consequences for her. “Legacy accounts should have a different colored check mark,” one user suggested.

Many users agreed with Musk’s vision. According to one user, verification badges were originally only used to verify that people are who they claim to be. “At first I didn’t like it either, but now when I see the checkmark, I know for sure I’m talking to a real person because at least no one pays to put a checkmark on a bot. So it is working more or less,” another user wrote.

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