Train engine stolen in Bihar, thieves dug a tunnel into the yard

Police said an entire diesel engine was partially stolen from a railway yard in Bihar’s Begusarai district on Friday.

The thieves dug a tunnel into the yard and began stealing parts, slowly destroying the entire engine they had brought in for repairs, they said.

P.S. said, “Last week, a case of theft of a diesel engine brought into the Garhara yard for repair was received by the Barauni Police Station. During the investigation, three people were arrested.” Dubey, RPF (Railway Protection Force) inspector in Muzaffarpur.

Based on information they provided during interrogation, a search was conducted at a scrap godown in Prabhat Nagar district of Muzaffarpur district and 13 sacks full of train parts were found, he said.

Dubey added that he is looking for the owner of the scrap go down.

Recovered items include engine parts, vintage train engine wheels, and railroad parts made of iron.

“They would dig a tunnel to the railroad yard and carry locomotive parts and other items in sacks through the tunnel,” said Dubey.

The gang was also involved in unbolting the steel bridge and stealing parts, he said.

Last year a railway engineer from the Samastipur loco diesel depot was suspended for selling an old steam engine stored on the Purnea court premises.

The engineer is said to have sold the engine along with other railway officials and security personnel using a forged letter from a departmental mechanical engineer in Samastipur.

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