Thread Vs Twitter: Will Threads end Twitter’s journey? What are its pros and cons

Threads rival of Twitter introduced by Meta.

Threads: The introduction of social media app Threads has surprised everyone. Threads which works exactly like Twitter is taking over the internet. Almost 30 million users created their account on threads in just 24 hours of its introduction. This platform is introduced by Meta which also owns Facebook as well as Instagram. Threads was welcome by those users immediately who were not happy by the news of Twitter being brought by Elon Musk.

Along with that, since threads account should be created with an Instagram account it can be said that the number of uses will rapidly increase. Because, there are about two billion Instagram users in the world who can directly link to their Threads account now. Mark Zuckerberg took on to threads and said that he feels like this is the beginning of something special. He wrote “wow, 30 million sign ups as of this morning. Feels like the beginning of something special, but we have got a lot of work ahead to build out the app”.


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Meanwhile, we all are wondering if Threads will end the journey of Twitter. We can’t be sure about that. However, since the paid blue tick has been introduced on twitter, many blue tick holders are spreading misinformation. This has made everyone lose trust on what they read and see on twitter. Same goes with Instagram and threads. Because paid blue tick has been introduced on Instagram as well. Which will be shown on Threads also. So, in some time threads will face what twitter is facing.

One of the most important issues that Twitter faced was number of bots it had. However, threads is free from this problem. This can be one of the pros that threads is enjoying. Further, it is a matter of time to see which platform is able to attract the most users. Threads was introduced on 6 July 2023. This is a Twitter rival. Elon Musk has not talked about it anywhere yet but several users can be seen making memes revolving around Elon, Threads, Twitter as well as Mark. Will threads users get bored of it? Will they love it? These are some questions which will get answered soon.