Those using Jio for these many years will receive rewards of up to 1000000 rupees?

Reliance Jio has a great offer for customers. This offer is for 6 years for the company’s 4G service service. This is a limited time offer. This allows users to receive rewards of up to 1,000,000 rupees. Reliance, India’s number one telecommunications company, has bid for this customer. These proposals were made in-house six years later.

This allows Reliance Jio users to receive rewards of up to Rs 1,00,000. Users only need to add their Reliance Jio phone number. Here is the explanation. This offer from Reliance Jio starts on September 6th and runs through September 11th. To take advantage of this offer, users must add at least Rs 299 to their Jio prepaid number. This charge should only be made during the offer period, but the company has stated that the offer is not valid in Tamil Nadu, which the company has not disclosed unless the offer is valid.

The offer will be valid nationwide with the exception of Tamil Nadu, the company said, and Reliance Jio announced it on Twitter. The company has not shared any further information at this time. We are pleased to announce that the company has launched its 4G service in India on September 5, 2016. As of 6 years later, the company’s offer is still valid. Customers who recharge during this promotional period may receive certain rewards from the company.

You can complete the charge even if you already have an active plan. A new charging plan will only start after the previous plan expires. This offer is currently only valid for prepaid customers. The company did not provide information on whether this offer would apply to post-pay users.

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