The Titan Sub tragedy: How did passengers live their last moments?

The Titan Submersible wreck. Photo Credit:TMZ

The Titan Submersible: The Titan submersible incident left everyone in shock after it was revealed that all the 5 passengers lost their lives. However, still there is a lot of speculations regarding how everything must have happened. How did the passengers in Titan live their last moments and why it happened. The broken parts of the submersible were recovered earlier on Wednesday, June 28, 2023. Followed by which, now it has been revealed as to how the last minutes of the five passengers were spent. Titan submersible went into the Deep Blue Sea to explore the Titanic underwater.

As per latest reports, it has been revealed that the passengers may likely have spent their final moments lost in the absolute darkness. This is due to switching off the lights of the submersible. They must have been probably looking at bioluminescent creatures known as Halomonas titanicae, and listening to their favourite music. Their sight must have depended on these creature’s light. The first few hours of the trip must have been smooth. List of passenger’s favorite music must be playing through the submarines music player. Listening to music, as it would have taken a long time to go deep inside the sea.


Shahzada Dawood’s wife talks about husband and son

Titan submersible passenger Shahzada Dawood’s wife, Christine, in one of the interviews revealed many things about what her husband and son talked and what happened before they went into the submersible. She said that he was the one who got to know about the Titanic’s expedition advertisement during their trip to Greenland. It was decided that she would a company how husband on the strip however this could not happen due to the pandemic. And now when the time had come for the trip, her 19 year old son ended up taking the spot instead of her.

Christine revealed how her husband was really excited about the trip just one day before. “I’m diving tomorrow! I’m diving tomorrow!”, she quoted her husband as saying, in the interview. Christine and her daughter had waved at both of them while going into the submersible. They then lost connection with them just 2 hours after the journey had began. However, Christine had been told that such glitches are bound to happen and if this continues, within an hour the sub would drop its weights and return to the surface. But unfortunately, it returned after many days that too in pieces. Without her son and her husband at that.