The Odisha train accident was caused due to change in electrical interlocking, what is it? Know

Odisha train accident. Photo Credit: Google

Odisha: The reason behind Odisha’s three train accident has been identified as per Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. The heart wrenching train accident which caused atleast 290 casualties has left the nation with heavy hearts. More than a 1000 passengers have been reported injured due to the fatal accident. The Union railway minister has informed that the reason behind the accident was change in electronic interlocking. He said this statement on Sunday. What does change in electronic interlocking exactly mean let is know below.

Change in electronic interlocking

Firstly, An interlocking system is nothing but a safety mechanism that makes sure that there is safe and smooth working of train movements. At railway junctions, stations, and signalling points. It commonly includes the integration of signals, points (switches), as well as track circuits.

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The interlocking system is responsible for the working of points which are movable parts of track. With the help of this, trains are able to change there path from one track to another. Interlocking system sees if the ‘points’ are properly aligned as well as locked in the correct position before a train is coming on it. Track circuits are electrical circuits placed rigidly on the track that sense the approach of a train. They also help in knowing if a part of track is occupied or not. This allows the interlocking system to control train movements accordingly.

Now ‘Electronic interlocking’ is an updated version of the same. Through this, the control and supervision of train moments can be done with help of software and electronic components. A ‘change’ in it may have resulted in incorrect signaling or improper routing. Due to which Coromandel Express got derailed.

Who is responsible?

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the Commissioner of Railway Safety, who is investigating in the matter has stated that they have identified the people responsible for the incident. Moreover, Vaishnav said that whoever is behind this and how it really happened will be revealed after the complete investigation is concluded. This is one of the deadliest train accidents that has happened in the past 20 years in the Indian history.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited the site yesterday after holding a high level meeting in Delhi over the accident. He visited the victims who have been hospitalized and said that the government will leave no stones unturned to help them. Furthermore, he said that the culprit will be very severely punished.