Thousands of queens defend professor who wished ‘horrible’ death

Thousands of academics and students have signed a petition defending a Carnegie Mellon University professor who wants Queen Elizabeth to face a “severe” death hours before she passed away last week.

Nigerian-American language professor Uju Anya wrote in a tweet on Thursday that “the lord of a raping genocide empire is finally dying.”

Anya provoked a backlash from critics, including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, adding that “I hope her pain will be severe.”

The petition defending Anya, which has been signed nearly 4,000 times as of Monday afternoon, defends Queen Elizabeth II by saying that she is “literally her colonizer.”

CMU tried to distance itself from Anya on Thursday, issuing a statement that Anya’s tweets were “aggressive and offensive”.

“Freedom of expression is central to higher education, but the views she shared do not represent the values ​​of educational institutions or the standards of discourse we seek to foster,” the University of Pittsburgh said.

The University of Pittsburgh did not say whether it would sever ties with Anya.

The petition in defense of Anya denounces CMU’s statement as “unacceptable,” “dehumanizing,” and “deployable.”

It also alleges that Bezos’ previous donations to CMU may have influenced the university’s response to the controversy.

“CMU had a choice and their response was a willful betrayal of a respected and respected scholar,” the petition wrote. “It made her more exposed to the threat of her violence.”

“Professor Anya’s Twitter is clearly stating that ‘views are mine,’” the petition added. “But her institution was charged with admonishing a black female professor who was ‘aggressive and offensive’ for her reaction to her vivid experiences of the real and substantive effects of colonialism and white supremacy.”

“We urge universities to stop reacting when issues of structural oppression are raised and to take seriously the impact on faculty, faculty, students and families.”

Anya and CMU did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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